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BUKI plays many vital roles in the health care industry.

A few of the services BUKI can provide include: catching elopement situations before they develop, facilitating contact tracing for infectious disease outbreaks, can locate everyone on site in an emergency, helps ensure the timely distribution of medications by knowing where individuals are & can confirm services rendered for billing needs.

Awareness Capability – Pill Time Blues

Remember the days when at pill time staff often had to spend way too much time looking for a resident to give them their pills?

Let BUKI help staff find residents in need of their pills with the tap of a button, see where they are quickly and easily.

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Awareness Capability – Testing Blues

Remember the days when someone got sick & you had to spend a lot of time trying to figure out who was near whom & where? And the additional expense testing everyone because you were not sure?

BUKI will let you know who needs testing & where you need to clean in seconds. Done quickly & easily & save on rapid testing kits.

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Awareness Capability – Where is Mrs…

Remember the days when you had to find a resident in memory care who may have gone for a solo walk & the panic it would create?

BUKI Companion will let staff know where the resident is quickly & easily before a major situation develops.

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