Code of Conduct


Loud-Hailer provides a service that allows you to discover and receive messages from others near you.  This is a shared service and how one person users it affects others. Because only users nearby can receive your broadcast messages, we do not have access to and therefore cannot actively monitor user content.  Each user is responsible for the content he or she provides. In order for us to provide the Loud-Hailer service, there are some limitations on the type of content that can be broadcast with Loud-Hailer. These limitations comply with legal requirements and make Loud-Hailer a better experience for all.   We may need to change these rules from time to time and reserve the right to do so. Please check back here to see the current version. The most current version will always be at loud

Member Qualifications.


  • The Loud-Hailer services are intended for individuals 13 years of age or older.
  • The information provided when registering an account should be correct.  All users are required to provide a valid email address where they can be contacted at any time. Loud Hailer reserves the right to cancel your account or require you to change your user name if other businesses or individuals have trademark rights on that user name.
  • By using Loud-Hailer, you agree to follow our Code of Conduct.  You also agree that you will not use our service for any unlawful purposes or in furtherance of illegal activities and to comply with all applicable laws regarding online conduct and acceptable content.
Limits on Content and Use of Loud-Hailer.


  • You may not use Loud-Hailer to impersonate others or in a way that actually or is intended to be misleading, confusing, or deceptive about who you are.
  • You may not send other people’s private, confidential, or personal information unless they give their express approval to do so.  These types of information include credit card numbers, Social Security/National Identity numbers, as well as other sensitive personal information such as street address, e-mail, telephone number, etc.
  • You may not send obscene or pornographic images or use them in your profile.
  • You may not make specific threats of violence against others or engage in targeted abuse or harassment.
  • You may not send links to malicious content designed to damage or disrupt another user’s web browser or smart device or to compromise their privacy.
  • You may not use Loud-Hailer to send spam.
  • We respect the ownership of the content that users share. You may not post material that infringes the copyright of another person.  Loud-Hailer will address notices of alleged copyright infringement according to the procedures forth our copyright procedures in the Loud-Hailer End User License Agreement (“EULA”).
  • You may not use business names and/or logos to mislead others.
    Accounts engaging in any of these behaviors may be investigated for abuse. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate your account without further notice in the event that, in our judgment, you violate this Code of Conduct or the EULA.

Updated: September 01, 2021