Revolutionary Rapid Response Technology for Senior Living Communities

BUKI is a patented awareness & rapid response smart wearable monitoring system that helps staff/operators of assisted living centers, memory care & nursing homes look after those in their care.

These smart wearables for seniors are valuable tools for staying connected, ensuring rapid responses in emergencies  & accessing assistance when needed.

These devices empower seniors to actively manage their health & maintain an active & fulfilling lifestyle. This makes technology an important component of living a healthier, longer life.

It uses our patented 2-Way technology to be aware of where people are so managers can be sure everyone is safe & protected.

Examples of what BUKI provides include: infectious disease tracing for illnesses, ensures patient medicines are given on time, & helps as a digital staffing assistant in times of staff shortages.

BUKI plays a vital role in reducing risks, facilitating contact tracing for infectious diseases, and ensuring the timely distribution of medications.

By enhancing safety & well-being, BUKI provides a sense of security for both staff & residents in assisted living centers.

How BUKI Helps at Harmony Haven Memory Care

Imagine a renowned assisted living center called Harmony Haven Memory Care that has implemented BUKI throughout its facility.

Harmony Haven has experienced multiple elopement issues of late. Harmony Haven is hoping to mitigate the elopement risk & protect its residents.

Let’s see how BUKI’s benefits specifically address the challenges faced by Harmony Haven:

• Risk Mitigation: BUKI’s real-time tracking & monitoring capabilities act as a safety alert system, preventing residents from wandering off or deviating from their normal routines.

If a resident goes astray or exhibits unusual behavior, staff members receive immediate notifications, enabling them to intervene promptly & minimize potential risks.

• Compliance Assurance: BUKI ensures compliance with regulations & protocols within the assisted living center.

It assists in monitoring staff presence & activities, promoting adherence to check-in procedures, regular rounds, & proper documentation. This supports the center’s commitment to providing high-quality care & maintaining regulatory standards.

• Contact Tracing: In the event of an infectious disease outbreak, BUKI’s contact tracing feature becomes invaluable.

By utilizing the captured movement data, management can quickly identify potential contacts & take immediate measures to contain the spread, ensuring the safety & well-being of both residents & staff.

• Medication Management: BUKI assists staff in the timely distribution of medications, ensuring adherence to precise schedules & minimizing the risk of missed doses or errors.

By knowing the exact location of residents at all times, staff members can provide medications promptly & according to the specific needs of each resident.

• Emergency Safety: BUKI in the event of a disaster, a roll call can be conducted & residents lead to safety.

BUKI, the Digital Companion

BUKI is unique in its abilities because the technology behind it is unique. Designed with love and care in mind the wearer has to do nothing other than enjoy the data they display and keep them charged about once every 10 days.

BUKI is like a digital companion that quietly works in the background to keep your residents safe, healthy and happy.

And if a problem arises BUKI is there to alert others to the issue.

BUKI is ready to make friends with your residents and staff.

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