• How do I change my user id or email?

    Select the Profile Settings tab, and then you can edit your user id or email.

  • What can I change in my Profile Settings?

    Select the Profile Settings tab, and you can change your profile image, username, and password, view blocked user list, and more.

  • How can I invite friends to join the BUKI network?

    Select the Invite Friends tab, and you can invite friends via automated email to join the BUKINetwork.

  • Where can I see the Company info?

    In the Settings tab, you can see the app version #, Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy.

  • Can I report a bug or innappropriate content from a user?

    Yes, you can report a bug or inappropriate content from the Settings tab.

  • What settings can I manage?

    Here, you can edit your profile and security settings, share your invite link, and more.


  • How does the Search feature work?

    From the Search Bar, tap on the search bar to begin typing your query

    You will get results from all applicable terms

    • Channel Location Results: Channel associated with search result
    • Topic/Business Name Result: Topic or business name associated with search result
    • Content Snippet Result: Snippet of post
    • Results from Messages: Displays messages from your chats containing the search terms


  • How do I get to the message settings?

    Tap onto the Message button on the bottom bar of icons which will take you to the Message screen. On the message screen tap on the green circle with 3 dots in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.


  • What's the difference between a Public chat and a Personal chat?

    A public chat for everyone connected to the same BUKI Engagement Point.
    A private chat for anyone you invite. Long press to manage this group.


  • What does "Add Contact" allow me to do?

    The “Add Contact” option allows you to invite a specific person to a private chat.

  • Can I invite people to a chat group?

    Yes, you can invite specific people to a private chat group using their registered email address.

  • What does the "Create Group" option allow me to do?

    The “Create Group” option allows you to create a new private chat group. You can save the Chat Group and exit to your messages.


  • How can I customize my chat group?

    You can customize your chat group by setting the chat group name and by adding or changing the group chat image choosing from your library/gallery or camera.

  • What message options are there?

    There are a number of options. You can

    • Save Images

    • Back-up conversations

    • Add Contacts

    • Create a Group

    You access the message options by tapping onto the Message button on the bottom of the screen. Once you are on the message screen you will see a green circle with 3 dots in the bottom right-hand corner. Tap on that green circle to access the message options.

  • How do I close the message options window?

    To close the message options window, tap the green circle with an X.

  • Can I backup my chats?

    Yes, you can backup your chats from the Message Settings window.

  • How do I view message notifications?

    Tap onto the Message button on the bottom bar of icons. On the message screen tap on the notifications bar on the top of the screen. If you have notifications the green circle placed on the right of the notification bar will be green, with a number inside. The number lets you know how many notifications you have.

  • Can I search within my messages?

    Yes, you can search within your messages. From the Search Bar, tap on the search bar to begin typing your query.


  • How can I see the cities and channels I'm engaged with?

    Tap on the city name on the top, to view and edit your subscribed cities.

  • What other cities are a part of the BUKI network?

    Tap on the city name on the top, then tap on the + add city icon.

  • What does Connection Status mean?

    Connection Status Indicator: Outer circle = BUKI Engagement Point Confirmed. Inner circle = Active Users Confirmed. Counter = Number of Direct Connections

  • What does the BUKI Deal Finder Notification mean?

    The Deal Finder Indicator: Green = Deals Found Near You. White = No Deals Near You…Yet.

  • What is Channel Subscription Management?

    Here, you can manage Your Channel Subscriptions.

    Check = Subscribed, No Check = Unsubscribed

  • How does the Channel Badge Bar Scroller work?

    Scroll left or right to view your subscribed channels.

  • What is the Channel Badge Bar?

    This shows the selected Channel Feed.

  • Can I share a post?

    Yes, to share a post you just need to tap the post and you’ll see sharing options.

  • What is the post date?

    In the Post Footer, the date the content was posted is displayed.

  • Can I contact the owner of a post?

    Yes, you can contact the owner of a post by tapping the post and selecting to submit a request to contact the owner.

  • Can I mark a post as Cool?

    Yes, you can mark a post as Cool by tapping the post and selecting the COOL icon.

  • What is a BUKI Deal Identifier?

    In the Post Footer, it indicates if this post is a hyperlocal BUKI deal.

  • What is the Discover feature?

    The Discover feature locates BUKI Engagement Points in your area.

  • Can I change how I'm viewing the BUKI app?

    Yes, you can use a toggle feature and tap to hide/unhide the top channel bar.

  • Can I filter my categories?

    Yes, you can filter your categories by tapping to set category filters. Green = No filters set, Red = Filter is set.

  • How does the message feature work?

    The message feature lets you chat with others connected to the same BUKI Engagement Point.

  • Where will I see a Channel Badge and name?

    In the Post header, you will see both the Channel Badge and name.

  • What is the wallet feature?

    The wallet feature allows you to connect your card or use virtual coins for fast transactions.

  • Where is the Post Category displayed?

    The Post Category is displayed in the Post header.

  • Where can I see the Post topic or business name?

    You can see the Post topic or business name in the Post header.


  • How does the Discover button work?

    When you tap on the Discover button, it will take you to a map of the city that you are logged into.
    The map will show the engagement points for the city. At the bottom of the map will be a scrolling list of the engagement points in that city. When you click on one of the engagement points on the scrolling bar it will zoom in on the map and take you directly to that engagement point address.
    Once again, the Discover feature will only show the engagement points of the city you are logged into.



  • How do I change the city or country I'm viewing?

    You can change the city or country by tapping on the city name at the top of the screen. It will open up the city, country selection screen. You can then change your selection.


  • Can I subscribe to a channel for a city?

    You can subscribe and unsubscribe to channels for a city from the city management screen. To get there,  tap on the 3 buttons in the upper right-hand corner next to the BUKI Deal Finder.







    From here, you can make your selections. You will then need to confirm or cancel the subscription change.