Want the benefits of having your own event app without the hassle and cost of paying for one?

BUKI is the answer!

Are you an Event Planner or Manager?

  • Personal, custom app for your event app
  • Low cost
  • Easy to implement & quick to install
  • New cutting, edge technology
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Full support content team to create native posts using your pre-approved content
  • Works for public or private events of all sizes


Get unprecedented data insight into your events:

    • Data reports with actionable data points
    • Analytics about attendee movements through the event
    • Where are they spending most of their time?
    • What was the most popular event?


Provide attendees with:

    • Automatic check-in at each location
    • Pre-conference information
    • Real-time event schedule
    • On-site reminders & notifications
    • Venue information (food, parking, map)
    • Information about the surrounding community to enhance the guest experience


Offer event sponsors and exhibitors additional visibility:

    • Offer digital resources for attendees interested in additional information
    • Measure engagement (click-throughs, impressions) & match those to physical presence data.


Open potential revenue and sponsorship opportunities:

    • BUKI has a network of advertisers who may be interested in paying for digital sponsorship for your event. You do not need to solicit the advertisers, the revenue team at BUKI will discuss possibilities with you.

Elevate your career: Reduce cost, save time & effort.

  • Be a data leader

  • Know what attendees enjoy

  • Help manage your budget

  • Bring in potential new sponsors

What could be better?

Let’s BUKI