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Is Bluetooth technology inferior to alternative positioning technologies?

We are not the only Indoor Position Intelligence or RTLS solution for people, objects and assets.

Bluetooth is not the only option for Position Intelligence.

But did you know it likely could be the best option for your current and future needs?

While historically, RSSI-based solutions have been capable of providing several meters accuracy.

Bluetooth technology has recently evolved to support accurate sub-meter, low-latency performance across several different environments.

Via techniques such as Bluetooth Direction Finding (introduced in Bluetooth Core Specification version 5.1).

Several Bluetooth RTLS solution providers have deployed.

These solutions commercially across manufacturing, warehouse, healthcare, sports, and other public venues to date.” We concur.

We designed our patented 2-Way Bluetooth software with our clients across industries.

This collaborative effort resulted in our highly accurate, cost effective, value driving solution.

Whether you’re just looking at Indoor Position Intelligence for the first time, considering it again, or looking to enhance or expand your capabilities you must include a Bluetooth solution in your consideration.

Otherwise you might be missing out on the one solution that can meet your people, object and asset location goals, collectively or singularly.

Contact us to learn more about the Now and future of Position Intelligence in business through Bluetooth.

Don’t miss out because of poor myths.

The Myths & Facts About Bluetooth Technology as a Positioning Radio

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