2 Year Anniversary of COVID


January 21, 2022 marks 2 years since the first case in the US

COVID-19 is turning 2 in America.

Tomorrow January 21, 2022 marks 2 years since the first case of #covidー19 in the United States.

The worst pandemic in over 100 years. It has personally impacted virtually everyone in the country.

Disrupting business, government, communities and social services along the way.

It can be challenging to wrap our brains around the last two years. Our collective experience was a completely new one.

Each step of the way offered new real world and mental challenges at virtually every turn.

2 years later, we’ve taken great steps with testing, vaccines, and business and social practices to help prevent the spread and move towards what we now know is living with COVID-19.

It is incredible what we’ve collectively accomplished in stemming the pandemic.

It’s still daunting that we’re not fully to a place where we’re collectively, positively living with this harsh new reality.

At this anniversary, we at Loud-Hailer Inc. are reflecting on the impact of the 4+ waves and multiple variants that have infected over 1/3rd of our population while reducing life expectancy from 1-3 years across demographics.

As we move towards 1M deaths in year 3, this is an evolving tragedy we need to fully respect and actively mitigate in all we do.

Since the middle of 2020, we have committed our team and technology to help businesses and organizations digitize and manage their #contacttracing initiatives.

While a small piece of a complex and ever changing puzzle, it is an important one to maintaining safety and security for operations that have to happen in person.

As we enter year three, we remain committed to provide businesses of any size an affordable, easy to implement and manage contact tracing solution.

Our clients and their employees appreciate the ability to operate safely with collective confidence.

We believe every business and organization should be able to do the same.

Working together, we can all help create a world where we can live, work, and be as best we can with our new global challenge.


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