Does Remote & Hybrid Work = Less Office Space Needs?

In our last strategy post, we focused on the fact we all are in the midst of workplace change-management based on a variety of factors caused or accelerated by COVID.

A recent article on #workspacedesign titled “Why Companies Aren’t Cutting Back on Office Space ” peels back the layers even further to get at the whys that are fueling the changes businesses are making.

There is some great data and analysis from their monthly survey of 5,000 workers.

At Loud-Hailer we love quantitative data.

It’s core to our value proposition!

And there’s nothing better than getting some numbers behind a Why like office sizes not shrinking with the increase of remote and #hybridworking!

So adjusting the old model of primarily maximizing revenue output per square foot of rent/owned office space has shot even farther in the rear view mirror.

New concerns and desired work conditions like these are front of mind: 📅

Mon/Fri dominate desired WFH days, challenging a purely space optimized staggered schedule plan ∛ Increased concerns over dense working environments and congested offices (final death of cube farms?) 🧘🏽♂️

The 2000’s startup ping-pong table & open space work environment has grown-up and gone mainstream with more inviting, collaborative, aesthetically pleasing work environment.

Each business is unique, and will have to take these work environment trends into account when making decisions on how to optimize, make safe, and make corporate culture enhancing decisions on their office utilization.

To help you make the best decisions for your business, employees, and office, Loud-Hailer is here to help you with empowering you with your own employee #PositionIntelligence data automatically.

For any of these major changes, having detailed baseline, in transition, and end goal data on the movement, engagement and utilization of your employees around your offices and facilities is critical.

You make better decisions and can more transparently share the benefits with employees and everyone in your community.

Share how you’re making the best of this opportunity to change your work environment in the comments.

DM Loud-Hailer to learn more about leveraging Position Intelligence to make these changes with more confidence for you and your entire team with your own location data.

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