Empty Offices, Full Offices? What is better?


“Over a third of desks may remain empty this year, according to a recent Gallup survey.”

LinkedIn’s January News story featured a December ’21 article from Jim Clifton, CEO at Gallup, and Ben Wigert, Ph.D, MBA, Director of Research and Strategy, Workplace Management at Gallup.

Also from that article:

“Here are some key facts I learned from them. There are 125 million full-time jobs in America.

Of those, right at 50% — or about 60 million — report that their current job can be done remotely working from home.

We interviewed a representative sample of them.”

Whether you’re saying that’s incredible, or just scratching the surface, what’s important is that’s the reality!

And while immersed in our day to day, thinking our grind format has been and will be here time in memoriam, it’s not the case.

COVID-19 is just an accelerant for businesses having to deal with WFH, hybrid model, remote work, 4 day work week, front-line IRL reality, and the Great Recession pressures that are turning our office environments on their head.

There will be challenges as with any change. But the opportunities that come from breaking up our centrally located, in person, 9-5 (8-6, 3 shift 24/7, etc.) operations are even more exciting!

Effectively taking advantage of these opportunities will require data.

To understand where you were, where you are and navigate where you’re going in uncharted waters.

At Loud-Hailer, we built our patented Bluetooth software to easily leverage real time employee and asset location data to work hardware independent.

Easily integrate into any operations, business process or human resource solution.

Now, what you can do with your data that is being automatically and effortlessly recorded continuously is limitless.

So, if you’re evaluating your current ownership/rental situation with X Sq. feet of Y office space and your in that potential ~50% WFH bucket

You can make the most best decision of what you need for future space AND how to optimize it with your new employee work flows.

Every scenario will be unique. All will need actionable data to make the best decisions for the bottom line and for work culture.

How are you addressing changes in your seemingly ever changing work environment this decade?

What data are you leveraging to drive your structural and operational decisions?

Share your experiences in the comments or DM us to explore how Location Data can help you!


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