FedEx Invented the Tracking Number.

“Information about the package is as important as the package itself.” – FedEx founder Fred Smith


“The information about the package is as important as the package itself.”
FedEx founder Fred Smith

Since 1979, when FedEx Introduced COSMOS (Customers, Operations and Services Master Online System), humanity has been captivated by knowing exactly where their packages are.

COVID, AMAZON, & same day delivery has made our interest in this data a dependency.

We’re great at tracking a package from halfway around the world, but how much does your business know about how people are physically moving inside your facility?

Do you have real time data on the person, their activities, their health and well being all at your fingertips like your package in transit?

People are different from packages. No one wants to be scanned, chipped, or tracked like a package.

Slightly newer than package tracking, but decades in evolution is the Internet of Things (IoT).

The promise of IoT is about two things:  having much greater data insight on environments and the ability to engage and control things remotely.

This has mostly translated into sensors and remote device control.

But how do people move, interact and operate? What critical information about them in real time am I not seeing?

People position data and connectivity is the big black hole of IoT!

There are solutions that try to use mobile phones as the proxy for humans.

However, mobile operating platforms impose restrictions on tracking that while sensible for consumer solutions, create obstacles for enterprise solutions.

The cost of smart devices and plans & managing solutions that are restricted by device platform, carrier, and more
The lack of 3D specificity of location.

Data security issues of 3rd party software, site only use, and more.

Thus, wearables introduce a more sensible solution. One that is embraced by employees, highly secure and site specific.

And through our patented, 2-way Bluetooth software, we have overcome the challenge most commercial smart wearables have: the need to pair with a smartphone!

Your people are more important than your packages. Their real time position data that you don’t have is an overlooked asset.

Don’t inhibit your operational excellence and contact us today to see how you can power your business with Loud-Hailer wearables.

Your people will still be your most important asset. Now you can pair their important data with them.


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