Indoor Position Intelligence.


Where is it on the Technology Adoption Curve?

As consumers and users of new and innovative technology, you want to catch it at the right time for you and your business.

So where is Indoor Position intelligence on the Technology Adoption Curve?

It’s here, it’s Being utilized for positive benefits and ROI across multiple industries, and the cost for use has enabled broad audiences to utilize.

Why you may not be aware that we’re well into the Early Majority phase is Indoor Position Intelligence (or Real Time Location Services, or Wearables at Work, etc.)

More of an enabling technology that manifests itself in many solution sets for many different areas of business.

The good news is that even if it isn’t as obvious as the adoption of smartphones, businesses around the globe.

Increasingly utilizing Indoor Position Intelligence Solutions for a variety of business process improvements with people and assets.

Now is the time to start or look further into what’s possible.

Economic and business concerns have been vetted by providers and your peers.

Integrating Indoor Location Data into your business processes in a decade will be as normal as GPS is a part of your smart device or car use as you navigate the world.

At Loud-Hailer, we’re having these conversations and making it happen in businesses who thought Indoor Position Intelligence was a future state scenario.

We’re ready to have a conversation with you on how you can take your operations, employee health and wellness, and entire business to the next level.

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