Is Your Solution Being Framed by the Problem or the Technology?


When Loud-Hailer was conceived over 7 years ago, the initial inspiration has continued to fuel our mission and solution development.

Constant connectivity, regardless of location or environmental conditions.

Simple. Necessary. Powerful.

It was the South East Asian Typhoon and the thousands of people who were instantaneously left isolated, unable to reach help or loved ones.

The technology innovation that was birthed from the inspiration was our patented 2 Way Bluetooth Software.

For the first time, a thin layer of software enabled the ability to locate, communicate, and store information anywhere, anytime.

Even when environmental or other events knocked off internet or cellular networks.

First, we were also amazed that no one had invented this since the dawn of Bluetooth in 1994.

Second, each time we engaged clients for commercial use, we found relevant, pliable and valuable solutions that produced measurable results.

After 7 years of connecting consumers, fans, attendees, vacationers, assets, inventory, and environments we finally understand why.

Loud-Hailer continues to be an enabling technology that solves the problems of visibility, connectivity and control.

Our device and hardware agnostic, light implementation, mobile and scaleable patented software powered technology makes it affordable and applicable.

At virtually every uncovered or underserved corner of business that needs connected location intelligence.

The market, buyers and sellers, are still myred in the limitations of point solutions that address singular visibility, connectivity, and control problems.

We will continue to expand our enabling technology to every applicable area.

We’ll also get better at framing our story.

It is a little remarkable that one provider could be your comprehensive people and asset visibility, connectivity and control solution. But that’s the truth.

What’s your biggest connectivity need today?

Where would you start your journey to digitally connect and improve the management of your operations?

Learn more about our journey!

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