Reduce Costs & Improve Productivity with Integrated Smart Wearables

About a year and a half ago we helped a CA based Fortune 150 company reopen and stay open safely with our Wearables.

Comprehensive real-time and historic Contact Tracing was the right solution for their employees, business, and local regulators.

This year, as the business went from a couple hundred onsite to hundreds of employees and guests their needs shifted and increased.

Daily Health Surveys that were “manageable” in the early days had become a cumbersome and time consuming coordination task with more people onsite.

Working with our client to understand their needs and concerns, we were able to quickly integrate our Contact Tracing solution with their Health Survey Application.

Now, the client can seamlessly see in one interface who is on site and who is non-compliant with the Health Survey.

Automatic alerts are emailed to individuals who need to complete the survey.

Real-time updates are made so compliance and safety are ensured for employees and the business automatically.

An integrated Wearable solution is saving our client dozens of person hours a week to maintain a safe and compliant work environment.

More importantly, they continue to enlist the positive support of their employees in providing a work environment that is safe, easy to manage and inviting in our challenging times.

Are you integrating Wearables today in making your in person work environments the best performing and safest place for your employees and your business?

We are here to help you when you’re ready to level-up!

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