What’s Indoor 3D GPS? The Future is Here.


Indoor GPS is a familiar shorthand for Indoor Positioning System.

An Indoor Positioning Solution should allow you to locate and track people and assets in real time, down to the square foot, indoors and in multistory environments while actively managing that location data through time.

In essence, it’s an extension of what all of us has come to appreciate the last 30 years or so through GPS, in navigating and managing our activities outdoors.

Think of all the things you do now In Real Life (IRL), that are powered by GPS.

Everything from navigating to destinations tracking where your pizza is are all fueled by GPS data.

Similarly, Indoor Positioning Systems have been around for decades.

But without a common, underlying, government funded enabling technology, the beneficiaries of point solutions have been limited mostly to large enterprises and heavy industry.

They have been able to justify the investment in hardware, implementation, management and maintenance to reap the benefits of location data on every employee and asset in their facilities.

This is why we invented and patented our 2-way Bluetooth® software: to provide every business the opportunity to utilize affordable and easy to use Indoor Positioning.

Loud-Hailer is democratizing this enabling technology so you can digitally manage people and assets for everything.

From contact tracing to every process improvement initiative across your business where location data makes a difference.

If you can’t imagine navigating the world without GPS in your device or your car then you can imagine everything you’re potentially missing in managing your business without Position Intelligence.

Contact us today and let’s see how we can help you start leveraging Position Intelligence within days to optimize your business.

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