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Experience, Discover and Explore the charming brick streets of NEWPORT, RI with BUKI as your digital friend . . . 

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BUKI: Potter League

BUKI has many benefits for merchants, like: ​

  • ​Free citywide mobile app, available on iTunes, Google Play
  • Engage digitally without WiFi, internet or cellular service
  • No confusing bidding or algorithms
  • Expert content curators will create your content
  • Capture foot traffic outside your store and engage with customers
  • Capture detailed insights; identifying consumer habits, interests and movements.
  • Easy to install and low (no) maintenance
  • Drives growth, opportunities and profitability
  • Affordable, translatable and scalable

check out some of our BUKI merchants
and engagement points in Newport


BUKI: Anchor Toffee
BUKI: Arianna Skincare
BUKI: Boys&Girls Newport
BUKI: Bowens Wharf
BUKI: Fort Adams
BUKI: Helly Hansen Alive
BUKI: Karma Pizza
BUKI: Life Is Good
BUKI: Linen Drops
BUKI: Lucky Dog Resort
BUKI: Mixx993
BUKI: Newport Living & Lifestyles
BUKI: Potter League
BUKI: Primavera Newport

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